The Translational Research and Prototype Development Section was established in April 2018 with one prototype developed from MOSTI Social Innovation grant. We offer services including contract research, product analysis and consultation, and prototype development. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds inclusive of research communities, universities, companies, individuals, and industrial players.


Contract Research

  •       Development of biosensor based on customer’s target of choice
  •       Mammalian cell-based study
  •       Antioxidant property
  •       Metabolite profiling
  •       DNA, RNA, PCR qualitative and quantitative assay
  •       Customized research based on customer’s needs

Product Analysis & Consultation 

  •       Material Profile Data Sheet development
  •       Stingless bee and bee farming strategy
  •       Pilot scale cosmetic formulation and production
  •       Product packaging and design consultation

Prototype Development

  •       Translation of in-house research output
  •       Electrochemical based detection biosensor development
  •       Lab-on-chip
  •       Project continuation from Contract Research or Product Analysis and Consultation

 Key Instrumentation

  •       Mammalian cell culture facility
  •       Potentiostat
  •       TECAN Microplate Reader
  •       CFX96 Touch qPCR
  • Contact Details:

The Translational Research and Prototype Development Section
Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI),
National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM),
Jalan Bangi, 43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA.

Tel: +603 8926 7446            Ext :()

Nor Azfa Johari |
Mohd Razif Mamat |
Nurul ain A. Talib |


  • Service request by customer
  • Discussion for experimental design & Sample submission by customer
  • Conducting request service
  • Final QC of clone/protein/biomass/chemical produced
  • Delivering Service Report & Sample Collection by customer
  • Billing & receiving Customer Feedback Form
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